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The printed fabric is a synthetic poly fabric, manufactured in the USA by Aurora Textiles.  The material is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  Before being cut and sewn into our bags, this material makes an extra stop in our supply chain at Hampton Prints in Tennessee where the large scale digital dye-sublimation printing is completed.  The rest of the bag is made from a variety of nylon fabrics, including a light 2-ply nylon for the cinch at the top of the main opening for the bag, a heavy weight ballistics nylon for the interior of the large pocket, and a lightweight cushy mesh nylon for the shoulder straps and built-in laptop sleeve.  The small logo patches that you see on the front of the bag are pvc, manufactured in California.


Dimensions: 10.5in x 16in x 5.5in


2 zipper pockets.  One large, and one smaller one that can be accessed even when the top lid is buckled shut.  The zippers are remarkably large which makes zipping and unzipping the pockets a very smooth action.  The oversized zippers are one feature that we get a lot of compliments on from Sincerity Inside bag wearers.  Zippers on Self Reflection bags are the same.   The main compartment has a cord cinch closure at the top that can be adjusted.  Inside that main compartment is where the built-in padded laptop sleeve rests.  And then finally, the upper lid has aluminum buckles for closing the bag when it’s time to put it on and move.  (If you're viewing this post in email, the below slide show will likely not load, but if you view this post in your browser you can swipe through a few photos of the interior.)

What kind of adventure is this bag ideal for?

This bag is a medium sized backpack, that fits most adults quite well.  It has a book bag feel, and it has enough space to carry your laptop, a notepad, some books, and a change or two of clothes, along with some room to spare for your pencil case, your headphones, your chargers, and your other small artifacts that might hide in the small front pocket of a daily use bag.  Its functionality is straightforward -- but there’s something very important that I haven’t mentioned in this post yet, and that’s the fact that this bag has one more feature built inside.  This bag is an invitation to think about your journey.  It’s a feature that doesn’t come with every backpack.