For the things we carry with us.

Bold, bespoke bags for all of life's journeys.

Wear your art on your sleeve.

Just say no to boring bags.

Art shouldn't live in a gallery.

Art-inspired backpacks handcrafted and ready for adventure.

Your carry-on conversation piece.

Break the ice and travel in style with this provocative piece.

Redefining the "canvas" bag.

Oils, acrylics, and dyes - Oh my!

Live a great story.

Bags for who you are, and who you aspire to become.

We work with artists to create one-of-a-kind wearables.

The art speaks for itself. The bag speaks for you.

Sincerity Inside
  • Unique Art

    We collaborate directly with artists to create unique artwork for each bag we make.

  • Captivating Stories

    Big questions built-in, nudging you to put yourself inside each journey you choose to accept.

  • Compelling Themes

    Each bag explores a theme, because big questions matter.  Intention.  The theme ties it all together.

  • Global Following

    Join a budding community connected by beautiful bags. 

Put Yourself Inside


We partnered with the Milspo Project and artist Bergen DeLeeuw to create a bag that pays tribute to the voices of U.S. military spouses at every station, in every season. Spouses who carry themselves with determination, grit, poise and caution.

Look East

At EAST 2017 we launched 6 new bags, 6 new themes, featuring artwork by Patrick Moran, Clint Watson, Ann Alva Wieding, Matt Hill, and Eli Halpin.

Self Reflection

Animals covered in oil, painted in oils.  Self Reflection features paintings from the "Oil Spill" collection by Eli Halpin.  What's inside matters, and each Self Reflection bag features something bright and beautiful on the interior.

Sincerity Inside

The original Badass Backpack, Sincerity Inside was the perfect place for us to start.  The First 100 bags we made feature artwork by Cheryl Hicks.  These bags are limited edition, hand-signed, and a beautiful companion on any journey where you need to be reminded to face the front, and to put yourself inside.

What's in your backpack?

Limited Edition

Each bag is limited in production, and ships with a high-quality frameable print of the original artwork.

Made with Love

Nylon and polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, with aluminum buckles and padded laptop sleeve.

Delivered Globally

From Austin to your doorstep, our bags are ready to travel and be enjoyed around the world.

  • Our Bag Design

    Book bag style, with a flap over the top cinch closure, padded laptop sleeve inside, and two zipper pockets.

  • Put Yourself Inside

    What's inside matters.  What you choose to bring with you is where your journey begins.  Our bags feature artwork inside and out, and plenty of space for you.

  • Materials

    The printed material we use to make our bags is a poly synthetic manufactured by Aurora Textiles in the USA using 100% recycled plastic bottles.  The rest of the bag is made of nylon.

  • Packaging That's a Gift

    Our packaging is designed to make you pause, you're not just opening your new backpack, wait, there's something special here.


“...I carry sincerity, joy and willingness to discover the world, to experience, to live the moment.  That's me and my backpack.”

Every detail about the backpacks are spot on. And the art, well I'm swooning over it!"

“The theme of the bag makes me smile and encourages me to slow down to think about what I’m putting in my bag, and what I’m choosing to bring with me.”

"This motherfucking backpack though, ... I had EXTREMELY high expectations. ... This pack left me speechless and I love, love it.  I'm fascinated ..."

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