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Glaciers vs. Ferraris

Rusty and I recently got to talking about glaciers and Ferraris. They both leave an impression. They are both beautiful. It was mostly the speed that kept us talking.

Blink an eye, and you’ll notice something impressive.

Blink too fast, and you might miss your chance to take in the beauty of the Ferrari all together. Like a fad that whooshes by -- whoosh, what was that? It was here, but then it was gone.

Blink. Blink again. Over and over. Gazing intently at a glacier, it doesn’t even seem like it’s moving. But when it’s finally done passing by -- it leaves an unmistakable trail of change.

“What’s behind you doesn’t matter.” -Enzo Ferrari
“...but doesn’t it?” -glaciers

What We Carry

What We Carry

Inspired by Nikki’s recent post, I took some pics of the contents in my backpack.  I’m currently wearing the Eudaimonia backpack, featuring artwork by Patrick Moran.  And here you can see what I’m carrying with me daily all laid out on the table.

My laptop has a Gaping Void decal that I admire every single time I pull my computer out of the bag.  One sketch pad for Badass Backpacks, and another one for other work. Swimming in the small front pocket of my bag are some post-it tabs, lots of pens, one pencil & one pencil sharpener, my altMBA challenge coin, a simple measuring tape, an eye-glass handkerchief, and my business cards case from Moo.com.  The electronics tossed in my bag are my magic mouse, my Grado Prestige headphones, several chargers, a compact flash reader, and too many USB flash drives along with an external hard drive:  all a testament to the fact that “Graphics Time” dominates my task list on more days than not. Nancy recently gifted me Daniel Pink’s new book, “When” (a great book about timing), and I purposely placed the bottle of excedrin that I always carry right next to Kaci Kai’s new book, “It Happens to Strong People, Too”, a book of poetry that hits me like a wave of mercy… like excedrin.  I get headaches, and I’m grateful for every little mercy.

Nikki is one of the collaborators working with us to bring the new Amaryllis bag to life.  I love her post on instagram about what she carries with her, and I love the nudge to think about what I am carrying with me.  I’ll be keeping my eye on the tribe of military spouses that follow the Milspo Project as they continue to explore: #whatwecarry  


The Milspo Project and the Amaryllis Backpack

The Milspo Project and the Amaryllis Backpack

Excited to announce our newest bag - Amaryllis.  Today is the Friday before Mother’s Day, Military Spouse appreciation day. The Amaryllis backpack is a limited edition bag, and it is a “tribute to the voices of US military spouses at every station, in every season.” Original acrylic on canvas artwork featured on this bag was created by Bergen DeLeeuw, who is a military spouse.


To preorder the Amaryllis backpack, you can head over to this page, and make a $275 donation to the Milspo Project. Your donation will reserve your bag (shipping included!) and the proceeds will be put to use for the important work of helping military spouses remember how magical their journey is, and how magical they are.  We’ll be busy over the next couple of months collecting preorders, and we’ll begin shipping bags in September 2018. All proceeds from this bag will go directly to the Milspo Project.

In the days ahead I will look forward to sharing more about this bag and our collaboration to bring it to life. In the meantime, I hope you’ll smile with us and enjoy some of the photos, read more of the story on the Milspo Project website, and then find the men and women in your life who have been a spouse to a service member - give them a shout out, a hug, or a high five. They are pulling something off that is magical: they are thriving as “they carry the honor and weight of supporting their military family wherever military life may take them, while also maintaining their own identity and success.” Determination, grit, poise, resilience… and magic.

The first Amaryllis backpacks are making their debut tonight at the Milspo Project Honor Auction, in Wilmington, North Carolina. They’ll be there alongside the original artwork created by Bergen DeLeeuw.


Adam Lemmon

May 11, 2018  | Austin TX |  Flightpath Coffeehouse