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Look East

At EAST 2017 we launched 6 new bags, 6 new themes, featuring artwork by Patrick Moran, Clint Watson, Ann Alva Wieding, Matt Hill, and Eli Halpin.

Self Reflection

Animals covered in oil, painted in oils.  Self Reflection features paintings from the "Oil Spill" collection by Eli Halpin.  What's inside matters, and each Self Reflection bag features something bright and beautiful on the interior.

Sincerity Inside

The original Badass Backpack, Sincerity Inside was the perfect place for us to start.  The First 100 bags we made feature artwork by Cheryl Hicks.  These bags are limited edition, hand-signed, and a beautiful companion on any journey where you need to be reminded to face the front, and to put yourself inside.

Put yourself inside.