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Hello world!  New blog. Beginning again.

Hello world! New blog. Beginning again.

On our last blog (backpacksfordinner.com), I intentionally began with gratitude, a theme I returned to often.  And this time shall be no different.  Just like last time, the launch of this new blog is coinciding with a new website launch.  We’re shifting gears a bit, and step by step, we’re pushing Badass Backpacks to evolve, grow, and become.  Change is constant.

Check out our new website (www.badassbackpacks.com).  There a few new things we’re beginning:  monthly membership options (more coming soon), an eNewsletter signup, and yes this new blog.  Going forward, we’ll be sunsetting the backpacksfordinner blog, and this will be the new place to catch ongoing updates as we continue to stumble forward.

Gratitude to Rusty for leading the charge to get this new website launched.  Gratitude to all of our supporters that are helping us to keep shipping, and to keep creating beautiful backpacks.  Gratitude in advance to all of you for helping us constantly level up by sending us your feedback on the website and on our bags.  And finally, gratitude of the highest order to those of you that are choosing to put yourself inside, asking big questions, and bringing your full self to the journey at hand.  BackpacksForDinner.com shows some beautiful past insights into our path up til now, today we’re beginning something new, and tomorrow? Tomorrow, we’ll be smiling big, while still asking, “who are we becoming?"

Welcome to our new blog!

Ever onward,
Adam Lemmon  

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